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Buy 5 EasyPak Containers, Get 15% OFF with code "BUY5"
Buy 5 EasyPak Containers, Get 15% OFF with code "BUY5"

Where to Recycle Batteries

Batteries power our lives, but they also pose a significant environmental challenge when they reach the end of their lifecycle. As responsible consumers, it's essential to understand where and how to recycle batteries correctly. TerraCycle Regulated Waste offers an array of products designed to make battery recycling accessible, safe, and compliant with environmental standards.

Battery Recycling Challenges

Common batteries, such as alkaline, nickel-cadmium, lithium-ion, and small sealed lead-acid, contain materials that should not be disposed of in regular trash. These chemicals can be harmful to the environment and potentially toxic to humans and wildlife if not handled correctly.

TerraCycle Regulated Waste simplifies the recycling process with several user-friendly products:

Battery Recycling Kits: EasyPak™ Battery Recycling Containers are an ideal solution for households and businesses alike. You can select from various sizes based on your needs, fill them up with spent batteries, and mail them back using the pre-paid shipping label.

Bulk Recycling: For those with larger volumes of batteries, such as corporations or recycling centers, TerraCycle Regulated Waste provides Bulk Pickup services. This convenient option ensures that you can recycle large amounts of batteries efficiently, staying within regulatory compliance.

Zero Waste Boxes: As a versatile option, TerraCycle's Zero Waste Boxes can accept various types of waste, including batteries. Once full, the box is sent back to TerraCycle for sorting and proper recycling.

Why Choose TerraCycle Regulated Waste?

Opting for TerraCycle Regulated Waste's products for battery recycling is not only an environmentally sound decision but also a commitment to global stewardship. With a focus on ease of use, safety, and compliance, TerraCycle ensures that your efforts in recycling contribute to a circular economy, reducing the need for new materials and the environmental impact of waste.

Battery recycling should not be a hassle, and with TerraCycle Regulated Waste, it isn't. Our products provide an effortless way to ensure that batteries are recycled properly, diverting harmful substances from landfills and repurposing valuable materials. Check out TerraCycle Regulated Waste’s options today and take an important step towards a cleaner and more sustainable planet.
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