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EasyPak™ Aerosol 12 Can Recycling Box

Original price $90.00 - Original price $95.00
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$90.00 - $95.00
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Order Type: Standard

It’s more than just a box. Includes the recycling container, shipping to a certified recycling center, recycling charges, and a certificate of recycling, all for one low fee!

  • Holds 12 - 10" aerosol cans. Total weight capacity 60 pounds.
  • RCRA Exempt used aerosol cans for recycling
  • Acceptable items: Most waste consumer aerosol cans including paints, lubricants, insect sprays, cleaners, personal care products.
  • Unacceptable items: damaged or leaking cans, cans without lids if the lids are removable, asthmatic inhalers, refrigerants with CFC propellants, pepper sprays, expandable foam products, products containing radioactive materials.
  • Each container comes with the recycling box, a poly liner, tie, instructions, terms & conditions, and a pre-paid return shipping label.
  • Access exclusive online features including recycling reports, container tracking, and certificates of recycling.
  • Only sold in the United States. Not available in Arkansas, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Virginia, Puerto Rico, Alaska, or Hawaii.
  • Box dimensions: 12” x 9” x 11”

**One Time Order

Your credit card or purchase order will be billed and an automatic receipt will be e-mailed to you. 

**Recurring Order:

For every container received for recycling, a replacement container will automatically be shipped to you. Your credit card or purchase order will be billed and an automatic receipt will be e-mailed to you. In addition to saving you time and money, this streamlined process minimizes the amount of time and paperwork needed to have EasyPak™ recycling containers available at all times. Recurring Orders can be canceled at any time online or by contacting us.

How to Purchase an EasyPak

1. Sign Up

Take 60 seconds to create a free account. Once you’ve started a new program, your account will give you access to program details and features. If you already have an account, sign up using your existing email and password.

2. Select Container

Select the recycling containers you need at your facility. EasyPak™ containers are available for fluorescent lamps, CFLs, ballasts, batteries, electronics, aerosols, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and more.

3. Start Program

When you have what you need, initiate your program by clicking “Checkout”. You can pay with a credit card or apply for Purchase Order approval. One low price includes the container, shipping to the recycling center, recycling fees, and a certificate of recycling.

4. Fill EasyPak™ Containers with Waste

Fill containers with your fluorescent lamp, battery, ballast, electronic, aerosol, or PPE waste. All containers are UN-certified for safe storage and transport, have VaporShield lining in each container for your safety and come with full instructions. 

Once you receive your containers, fill them up with waste at your own pace. Each container is pre-printed with simple step-by-step instructions in English and Spanish. Containers are UN-approved for safe storage and transport.

5. Call For A Pickup

When a container is filled and sealed, call to schedule your pre-paid pickup. Your container will be delivered for recycling to one of our permitted facilities located within the United States. 

6. Get Certificates Of Recycling

A certificate of recycling is generated automatically when a container is returned. As soon as your certificate is ready, you can access certificates of recycling from your personal account 24/7. The certificate is also stored in your history and can be accessed anytime.

Product SKU: 510-2700

***Shipping rates will vary for Alaska, Hawaii and other US territories. Contact your TCRW representative to place your order.