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Buy 5 EasyPak Containers, Get 15% OFF with code "BUY5"
Buy 5 EasyPak Containers, Get 15% OFF with code "BUY5"

E-Waste Recycling

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Bulk Pickup Recycling

Electronic waste (e-waste) can be anything from obsolete computers to TVs to circuit boards. E-waste often contains hazardous chemicals and toxins (such as mercury and lead) that can leak into the environment if left unremoved, causing numerous health and environmental problems. Fortunately, TCRW offers e-waste bulk pickups that can help your facility dispose of e-waste in a cost-effective manner while at the same time keeping the environment clean, your facility free from liability, and helping you cut down on storage costs.

With TCRW E-Waste Bulk Pickups you can:

  • Have large amounts of e-waste picked up at your facility at your convenience
  • Save money over other recycling solutions designed for smaller amounts of waste
  • Recycle almost any kind of electronics
  • Track your recycling progress online 24/7 with online recycling reports

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Why recycle e-waste?

As electronic technology evolves, equipment is retired at an alarming rate. It has been estimated that over three quarters of all computer equipment ever purchased in the US is now being stored in office closets, basements, garages, and storage units throughout the country and that 70% of toxic waste found in landfills consists is e-waste. Discarding old electronic equipment in landfills or incineration not only wastes valuable resources but also releases potentially hazardous materials into the environment via leachate and toxic air emissions.

In addition to environmental and health concerns, improper disposal of your old equipment or for illegal dumping you could be subject you to EPA violations for the improper disposal of your old equipment or for illegal dumping. This could result in legal litigation, fines, and costly clean-up responsibilities, not to mention the tarnishing of your company’s image.

*As regulations often vary by state, you are encouraged to contact your state environmental protection agency for more information to determine how electronics are regulated in your state.

What e-waste can be recycled?

E-waste that can be recycled includes but is not limited to: monitors and cathode ray tubes (CRTs), desktop computers, keyboards, mice, laptop computers, mainframe computer systems, modems, telephone boards, hard drives, floppy drives, CD ROMs, phones, faxes, printers, computer boards, CPUs, memory chips, circuit boards, connecting wires, and cables.

Is my information safe?

Yes! While specific policies differ between recycling facilities, all facilities take steps to ensure information from hard drives is never compromised. Security precautions range from secured shredding destruction to professional data erasure.

For more information on how your waste will be processed contact us.

Where does my waste go?

Air Cycle is committed to handling electronic waste responsibly. All material is processed at permitted recycling facilities in the United States of America, nothing is shipped overseas.

How do I know if bulk pickups are right for me?

Generally, bulk pickups are designed for facilities with over 150,000 square feet or with large amounts of e-waste. Because bulk pickups are scheduled at your convenience, you are able to decide when you want to receive them according to your facility’s needs.

How can I track my recycling progress?

Online recycling reports allow anyone who has utilized bulk pickup recycling services to receive detailed information about their facility’s recycling progress. Each report details specifically what types of waste were recycled, the amount recycled, and the date processed. These reports are available online 24/7 and are perfect for facility management reviews, “green” marketing initiatives, and more.

How should I package my e-waste for pickup?

All e-waste should be packed in gaylord boxes and/or shrink wrapped to fit on pallets for easy access and shipping. Contact TCRW if you have any questions.

I don’t have enough e-waste to justify a bulk pickup. What are my other options?

Bulk pickups are designed for facilities that have large amounts of e-waste. If this isn’t you, then you might want to consider EasyPak Recycling Containers. EasyPak containers can handle smaller amounts of e-waste, with the same individualized convenience and reporting functions as bulk pickups. Contact TCRW if you have any questions about your options.

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"No more challenges with fluorescent bulb and mercury recycling. We use the EasyPak recycling program and it is very simple and convenient for us."

Jim Slager, Homer School District 33-C

"It’s easy to work with TerraCycle Regulated Waste. Their personnel are very friendly and knowledgeable about their products and the availability of them."

Alice Johnson, Eastern Ship Building

"I am very satisfied with all the services TCRW performs. They do what they say they are going to do, and they are here when they are scheduled to be here, and their paperwork is easy. Their representative is very helpful and informative about all phases of service."

Hector Rodriguez, Mission CISD

"Excellent value for the money. The Bulb Eater® has immediately helped us reduce lamp storage and create a safer storage environment, while allowing us to add another item to our waste reduction efforts in the City of Auburn."

André Richardson Environmental Services, Auburn, AL